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Surrounded by beautiful mountains, like an egg in a nest, Skopje awaits You to be explored. Get acquainted with the City in just two hours with your guide Aleksandar.

The Tour

Skopje is known for its Ottoman-era Old Town, Byzantine fortress, and lively bazaar. On the walking tour, get to know the city and take in all the highlights with your own personal guide. Visit landmarks including the Memorial House of Mother Theresa, the Stone Bridge, and the Parliament Building, browse the stalls of the Old Bazaar, and enjoy views from Skopje Fortress.


Born and raised in Skopje, want to present my City in best of lights and in an entertaining manner. We meet at the Central Square, at the entrance of the Ristich Palace (see photo), next door to Bocata Cafe, just 20 meters from the Fountain with the monument of Alexander the Great. To identify me, will be wearing a blue ID card issued by the Macedonian Tour Guides Association.

The Meeting Point

Ristich Palace, has a giant SKOPSKO billboard on its roof. You can check the Directions below.

The Guide

As a fifth-generation Skopyan, feel very passionate about my City and would like to present it to the foreign visitors, in the best way possible. Possess extensive and in-depth knowledge about the culture, tradition and the history of Skopje, its places, people, buildings etc., which want to share with our guests and leave a good impression in order to give them a reason to come back again.

Start Time

Every day at 09:30 AM and 1PM
Booking is Mandatory!
If these start times are not good for you then you can determine the best time to start the Tour but, at least, one day in advance.


In every city that I’ve been traveling to this year (and there are many!) I always start with their free walking tour. Aleksander’s tour of North Macedonia is amongst my top 5 favorite so far! He is incredibly knowledgeable (practically a walking Encyclopedia of so many interesting historical, political, social facts), really friendly, and was kind enough to give the tour even though I was the only one signed up for the tour! Ultimately I brought a friend along, but I so appreciate his professionalism, punctuality, hospitality, and the extra care and attention and great conversation flow that we had. If you are visiting Skopje and want an excellent tour, search no further than Aleksander’s your. One more thing: the friend I took along had already actually done a tour with another morning tour company, so after our tour I asked him which was better and he said hands down Aleksandar took us to so many more spots and gave such better descriptions/more interesting facts. I recommend going with Aleksandar’s tour for that one-on-one more private attention and care.
Rana Ansari
Aleksander was a fantastic guide to the city. He is so knowledgeable about both the city and it's wider place in history and the world. His enthusiasm is infectious and I feel extremely lucky to have had a tour from him. Many thanks Alexander - I hope I can return the favour if you or your family come to London 🙂
Samuel Walker
Aleksandar is an exemplary tour guide! My friend and I went “Walking in Skopje “ last week and were blown away by his knowledge of the Balkan region, his excellent language skills and the comprehensiveness of his tour. We learned so much about North Macedonia and the city of Skopje. I highly recommend Aleksandar as he is much like the people of his country: Intelligent, thoughtful, charming and very hospitable.
Mirele Miller Kodsi
After taking a 9:30am solo tour of Skopje with Aleksandar this morning, I can heartily attest that this man is the best tour guide I've encountered in the Balkans (and possibly all of Europe). He's a true font of knowledge, genuine, passionate about history, kind, funny, and expresses a deep love for his country. Better yet, he's also a genuinely nice guy that will quickly feel like a long lost friend. As an added bonus, his proficiency in English is so superlative (and his acquired US accent so convincing) that he could easily pass as American... meaning that English speaking customers are virtually guaranteed to understand the conversation, which in my experience is not always the case. Five stars!
Robert OConnel

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